Trailer Roundup: Foxcatcher, Saints and More

Dracula Untold

Obviously, this is the Dracula story for the A.D.D. generation; however, everyone should take notes because this is a clear example of a bad trailer. Over two and a half minutes, it basically shows the whole story; there could be some weird twist that the marketers are hiding, but lets face it, the advertisers are not that clever. These days they use trailers to drain every ounce of surprise from a movie; and I will hold it against them, even if they are only doing as told because they are perpetuating a terrible system. Either way, this trailer looked more like a period version of I, Frankenstein: zero horror and all action.

The biggest thing I am shocked about is how much this movie looks and cost; while some of the CGI looks poor, which can be fixed before its October release, Dracula Untold looks like it cost a pretty penny. And at the moment, the rumored production budget is reportedly over $100 million: yes, Dracula is an established franchise, but to put that much money into a flick with an unproven star, Luke Evans, and a first time director, Gary Shore, is kind of mind-boggling. But after 47 Ronin, Tron: Legacy and Snow White and the Huntsman it seems giving a ridiculous sum of money to new directors is the latest stupefying trend in Hollywood: everyone now knows the disastrous story behind 47 Ronin’s Carl Rinsch, who allegedly went fifty-five million over his $170 production budget. Either way, we shall see if it is worth a watch on October 17.

St. Vincent

Perhaps, a movie that I am partial towards because it was filmed in my neighborhood, St. Vincent looks like a slightly above average comedy/drama with Bill Murray. Have we seen this story, or a variation of this story before: yes, but Murray looks like he is reveling in his sleazy smug character. I probably will wait and rent, rather than paying the ridiculous theater prices; but who knows, my opinion may change between now and October 24. But knowing the date, as well as, the Murray-centric trailer, they will be pushing him for an Oscar nomination: so I probably will have to see this in theaters for my Oscar coverage.

Horrible Bosses 2

Many people use the expression, ‘the sequel that no one was asking for’ and Horrible Bosses 2 truly is that. I am staunch defender of Horrible Bosses: a comedy that resulted in audiences on different ends of the ‘like/dislike spectrum.’ But for me, it really worked as a contained story and it was one of my favorites 2011. And though my excitement for this is waning, the filmmakers did a fantastic job with the casting; besides having all the regulars back, at least those who survived the first go around, the sequel has added Christoph Waltz as the new ‘horrible boss’ and Chris Pine as his terrible son. Furthermore, at least the teaser did a good job of not giving away too many jokes: like most comedy trailers. So we shall find out if this is worth a chuckle when it comes out November 26.


And now for the main event: the film that I have been patiently waiting for, Foxcatcher. The crème de la crème of trailers, I would be satisfied if there was not another preview. Director Bennett Miller, the auteur behind Moneyball and Capote, crafted a film that The Hollywood Reporter is calling “mesmerizing in its incremental layering of a bizarre, tragic and thoroughly warped character study” and it has indieWIRE claiming “though anchored by a affecting and sullen turn by Channing Tatum, the movie derives its primary discomfiting power from Steve Carell in a revelatory performance as a monster of American wealth.”

Steve Carell looks creepy and Channing Tatum looks like a different person: Miller somehow gets his actors to blend seamlessly into their roles. Look at the late great Hoffman with Capote, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt in Moneyball and now Carell and Tatum in this. This has Oscar contender all over it; and while I was highly anticipating this film since 2013, this preview just secured Foxcatcher‘s spot, as my most anticipated flick of 2014. It just sucks that we have to wait until November 14 to see it; I do not want to wish the summer away, but it needs to be November now.

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