Jupiter Ascending’s Delay: a Positive or Negative?

Jupiter Ascending

The latest in the line of the Wachowski siblings’ follies, Jupiter Ascending has been delayed until February 6, 2015. The movie was originally supposed to be released on July 18, but according to rumors, this was unattainable due to the unfinished CGI. Again, this is just a rumor, but as anyone can see, this is a visually driven film.

Now, movies get pushed back all the time; for instance, last year’s 300: Rise of an Empire was pushed back from August 2013 until March of this year. Yet, even that announcement was made three months before the intended release, which is still too close for comfort; meanwhile, Warner Brothers decides, six weeks before its premiere, that Jupiter Ascending cannot be completed.

This leaves me with a few questions: how much of the movie was incomplete before the studio realized they were not going to meet their deadline? I know the Wachowski siblings work down to the wire, but why were they working on this much post-production a month before July? Also, why wait so long before inevitably pushing the date back? And finally, why did it get pushed back until next February, instead of the end of 2014?

Jupiter Ascending

Now, many of my readers know my thoughts about Jupiter Ascending and the waning Wachowski siblings, but I cannot completely fault them for this. This has ‘studio stink’ all over it; for all those who follow Hollywood, this has been seen a hundred times. A studio rushes a movie’s post production in order to get it released for a particular date: that was why it was shocking to hear that Duncan Jones’ Warcraft will have a twenty month post production process.

With that said, as a person who has been so negative about this flick (and will continue to be), I will attempt to relay some sort of positive with this delay. While I still think this movie will bomb, at least the studio did not force an unfinished product on viewers; they are actually taking their time and losing more money by delaying it until 2015.

At least, it looks like $150 million budget went somewhere. I am looking at you Maleficent.

At least, it looks like the $150 million budget went somewhere. I am looking at you Maleficent.

However, the fact that this is so close to release and has been promoted since January, must raise some red flags; why move to February when your biggest competition in July is Sex Tape, The Purge: Anarchy and the previous week’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; yes, it could be that the film is unfinished, but I did think that July, which has become a lull in the summer months, offered Jupiter Ascending a way to make some cash back.

Either way, it looks like we will have to wait another seven months before this flick’s inevitable fate; the box office predictions had this $150 million movie bombing as bad as John Carter and Battleship (poor Taylor Kitsch). So it seems that the general audience will have to wait another seven months, in order to avoid it altogether. Personally, I can wait: but the real question is should the studio waste any more time with this already forgotten picture? At least if it bombs, it will be a nice tax write-off.

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