Interstellar Trailer

As a huge fan of Christopher Nolan films, I have been patiently waiting for the new trailer for his latest picture, Interstellar. And to see this trailer on IMAX made the overall preview that much sweeter; for all who do not know, Interstellar premiered before the latest Godzilla movie. And to be honest, I was so content with the trailer that I could have walked out of the theater without seeing the movie: and for all who read my Godzilla review, I probably should have.

Finally, the trailer sheds some light on the plot, while also, maintaining a bit of mystery; I do not know if Nolan has creative control over the marketing (a man of his caliber usually does), but all of his trailers give the right amount of story without giving too much away. Now, his previews are not as good as Fincher’s stylized marketing scheme, but at least, these two directors attempt to stray from the normality of over-selling the product.

Though these days it is not hard to sell a Nolan film, the secrecy of it makes me want to see the finished feature more. Perhaps, the over-selling stems from marketing groups believing that the general public is dim-witted, but when something is shrouded in mystery I am inclined to be more curious about it: the biggest example of this is the original Paranormal Activity or Super 8, which were both average films that had a fantastic marketing plan.


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