Image of Batman and Batmobile revealed.

After yesterday’s tease of the covered Batmobile, Zack Snyder promised to unveil the vehicle today on Twitter. And instead of getting one big surprise, the public has received two. First the picture reveals the Batmobile, which looks longer than the tumbler, but shorter than Burton’s classic vehicle. Again, if Man of Steel‘s realism was any indication I always thought it was going to be closer to the comic books, but with a realistic twist. Now, the picture’s black and white nature makes it hard to see any other details: so even though it looks cool, we will have to wait for an in depth view of the famous vehicle.

Finally, we get a ‘roided’ up look at Ben Affleck as Batman. And while this will never quiet his critics, he looks like a complete and utter badass. I am loving Batman’s look and can see the Jim Lee inspiration that Kevin Smith was alluding to: with that said, the suit has a realistic look to it, as if the Jim Lee’s suit is mixed with the one worn by Bale in the ‘Nolan-universe.’ But again, I would like to see a better look at the suit before I make any further judgments.  Obviously, the suit is hidden in the shadows for a reason, but it certainly has me ecstatic about the prospect of Batman vs. Superman: even if DC’s rushed decisions have left many scratching their heads. Either way, I cannot wait to get a more in-detailed look at the suit and Batmobile; hopefully, we shall see this soon.

What do you think of Affleck as Batman? How about the look of the Batmobile? Let me know in the comment section below! And for all updates continue to read Film Class Junkies.


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