Channing Tatum Confirmed as Gambit

A few months ago, I talked about the latest rumor that X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner was seeking Channing Tatum to play Gambit. And since then, the actor was rumored to meet with the producer about a solo superhero flick. Well it seems Donner is wasting zero time when moving forward with the idea; while on the red carpet promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past, Lauren Shuler Donner blatantly told Total Film that Channing Tatum is confirmed as Gambit. 

So to the ire of devoted fans, Channing Tatum will play the New Orleans thief with a Cajun accent. Again, the good part is that he is from the area and hopefully his experience will help him mimic the accent. The bad is that I just cannot see him as the smooth talking thief who toes the line between hero and villain. Perhaps, I am being too harsh, but I grew up with the X-Men, and besides Wolverine, he was one of my favorite characters. With that said, no one expected Hugh Jackman to succeed as Wolverine and now, like Downey Jr. with Iron Man, the actor has become synonymous with the comic book character.

So I will not rule out the possibility of Tatum’s success, but like most fans I would have chosen a different actor: however, this just reflects the initial shock of the announcement. To be honest, my love for the X-Men comic books causes me to be picky about who they choose; but if there is one thing that the fanboys have learned is that the X-Men producers have done a very good job casting. They may have screwed up with their choices for directors: I am looking at you Brett Ratner and Gavin Hood. But they must see something in Tatum that the public does not.

Channing Tatum, Gambit

Either way, expect to hear more information about Gambit soon: along with more information about Wadlow’s X-Force and the supposed Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie, which has been stuck in development hell. I would love to see the latter be produced, but Fox, like most studios, keeps dragging their feet when it comes to an big budget R-rated affair. As for X-Force, Wadlow severely let me down with the horrendous Kick-Ass 2; so we shall see if he can bounce back with the X-Men spinoff film, but I have extremely low expectations.

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