My Thoughts on the Gotham Trailer

The new trailer for Fox’s biggest show of the fall Gotham has just hit the Internet. And personally, I was not a fan of certain aspects; some of the heavy-handed imagery or even the terrible dialogue made me cringe. But either way, I am going to watch this; I just hope that this younger version of Gotham does not pigeonhole the show’s writers to dramatically introduce DC characters. For instance, the quick cut sequence at the end of the trailer, which reveals ‘The Penguin’ or ‘The Riddler,’ indicates a need to force villains into the show, while also, unnecessarily coddling the viewer; this ‘hand holding’ could result in futile scenes where characters dramatically look into the camera and state his or her name, which is a constant reoccurrence of the comic book medium. Perhaps, this might be an unfortunate possibility, but even Arrow started off bumpy.

As for the actors, I cannot complain about the casting; did I think The O.C.’s Ben McKenzie would play James Gordon? No, but his time on Southland or voice acting for DC on Batman: Year One reveal that it was not a stretch. Furthermore, the other casting seems interesting ‘to say the least:’ after Terriers, I will see anything Donal Logue is in, but Jada Pinkett Smith as the sadistic Fish Mooney is hard to believe. At the worst, this could be a failed experiment; but it is unlikely that DC will fail in the only market that they have successfully cornered. With that said, a Gotham show, which would have been impossible ten years ago, is an idea that has my geek side celebrating.

Gotham, Batman, Fox

The many faces of Gotham.

Now, there are several drawbacks of this overlong trailer; I realize that Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murder in Gotham was inevitable, but whether it happened in episode one or the season finale, I would have liked to watch it for the first time on air. Instead, the reveal forces the moment to lose any future emotional impact. It is a ‘step up’ from revealing key details or plot twists, but my cynicism expects the marketing to spoil several other elements before its impending premiere.

Finally, even though Gotham does not have a set release date besides Fall, the show has already been picked up for the 2014-2015 season: which does not come as a surprise with the amount of money Fox has spent on the pilot. Either way, expect to hear more information on its premiere date as summer approaches.

Let us know your thoughts on Gotham in the comment section below and for all updates, continue to read Film Class Junkies.

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