First Image of the Warcraft Movie Revealed

While we all know the checkered past of video game movies, the future projects of the medium have gamers excited. Between The Last of Us or any of the Ubisoft produced movies, it looks like developers have learned how to handle their products: and one of the most anticipated video game adaptation is Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie. Duncan Jones is one of the most exciting filmmakers today: his critically lauded Moon and Source Code are loved in the sci-fi community. And finally, fans get their first look at the director on the Warcraft movie set (via Empire).

Warcraft Movie

Obviously like most set pictures, this does not reveal much at first glance; however, it is exciting to see the director and a partial glimpse of the actors. But if one truly looked at the picture, he or she would observe direct inspirations from the World of Warcraft game. First the picture reveals an armor clad soldier to the left of the director: and the armor looks like it belongs to the Soldiers of Lordaeron. And thanks to Wow Insider, a close up of the monitors reveal the Stormwind throne room: which has the “cartoony look of Warcraft, but grounded in realism.”

Warcraft movie, Duncan Jones

Courtesy of WoW Insider

Read the rest at:

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Amazon Buy: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

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