Miramax and AOL Will Launch a Free Streaming Movie Channel

In movie streaming news, it looks like AOL and Miramax just agreed on a deal to launch a free streaming channel with ad-supported Miramax titles. What this means is that Miramax’s catalogue will be available on tan AOL supported channel, which can be watched online, with a mobile device or with other connected devices. Now, the service will contain a finite number of the companies 700-plus film library, which will be refreshed monthly. This is AOL’s first attempt to enter the film streaming business and it will offer their dwindling users the ability “to add movies to their regular rotation of news and entertainment videos.”

Miramax’s Beth Minehart released a statement about this recent deal: “Creating an ad-supported Miramax-branded channel on the popular AOL On Network is an exciting step as we remain committed to reaching Miramax fans through new and innovative platforms. We are delighted to partner with AOL on this digital offering, and we look forward to bringing a sampling of our iconic films to the AOL audience through its fast-growing multi-screen distribution network.”

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This deal is after AOL’s creation of a new video portal homepage, which shows clips from AOL brands, as well as, affiliates; on top of this, the company has green-lit several web series including Steve Buscemi’s Park Bench. It appears that the fading company has realized that they need to improve their product if they want to keep users.

Miramax still has deals with Netflix and Amazon Prime for streaming content; but according to Miramax’s new chairman Thomas Barrack, his main plans have been to “take advantage of the available [700+ Miramax films] that were basically untouched,” and to start “looking for other film libraries to acquire, [while] starting independent television and film production in a judicious manner, and looking for M&A opportunities with other independent movie companies or other entities that fit with the Miramax model.”

Well it looks like the chairman has successfully completed his first goal; only time will tell if he accomplishes the rest of his promises. What do you think of this service? When it comes out will you use it? Let us know in the comment section below. And for any updates, continue to read Film Class Junkies.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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