Simon Kinberg Talks Connected Universes and The Fantastic Four

The producer, Simon Kinberg, talks about the latest in his franchises.

The producer, Simon Kinberg, talks about the latest in his franchises.

Recently at WonderCon Simon Kinberg, the writer and producer of the latest X-Men: Days of Future Past and the Fantastic Four reboot re-imagining, sat down with IGN to talk about his various upcoming projects. First and foremost, he answered questions on the chances that there will be a Fantastic Four and X-Men crossover.

“I think anything is possible, at this point, and part of what happens with Days of Future Past is that we reset certain elements of the future so that even X one, two or three, to some extent, can be re-interpreted. So for now, the only plans that I know of, and in many ways I am at the center of this, are to do another sequel to X-Men, Apocalypse, [which] we just started working on now [and it] should shoot next year and will come out the year after.

And separately in its own universe, I am working on Fantastic Four at Fox; we start shooting in two weeks. Because of what Marvel is able to do and what the comics have been able to do, the idea of having a crossover movie is very appealing; but we have to figure it out because there is an inherent challenge in combining Fantastic Four and X-Men in the movie universe because they exist in different plains or dimensions. Like in Fantastic Four world, the contemporary world has no mention of mutants because then they would not be fantastic. And then in the X-men world, as we’ve seen, there aren’t famous celebrity superheroes [like the] Fantastic Four. So yeah that’s the challenge.”

Obviously, like David Goyer’s comments about DC’s connected universes, Kinberg is weary to admit the possibility of a crossover. Everyone is attempting to emulate Marvel, however, no one wants to admit that ‘connected universes’ is the next logical step in that emulation. These comments are coming after the supposed rumor of a X-Men and Spider-Man crossover that was later debunked, as well as, a December report from Motley Fool stating “after multiple movies in their respective franchises, Fox has now decided to combine the Fantastic Four and the X-Men for an ‘Avengers-style’ movie that could pay off huge for shareholders. [Which would be] based on the 1987 four issue comic called Fantastic Four vs. X-Men.”

On top of this, after weeks of fan revolt over the casting, The Fantastic Four is ready to start shooting in the coming weeks. Unlike many avid fans, I have never been a fan of the Four’s comics and do not mind the changes that have been made thus far: with choices like Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Josh Bell, and Toby Kebbell, Josh Trank’s movie is, at the least, enticing. And Kinberg gives the fanboys (or girls) a few details to ‘wet the palettes’ of the general public.

Fantastic Four

From Left to Right: Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jaimie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan.

“Yeah, this Fantastic Four movie is in some ways a reboot and in other ways just a standalone origins movie. And by the end of the movie, we don’t call them the Fantastic Four: there not, you know, celebrity superheroes. The tone is much more grounded, real and gritty: more in the direction of Chronicle than in the direction of the original Fantastic Four movies. It is about how four, and in some ways five with Victor Von Doom, go from being normal people in the world to being transformed into something, when it first happens, abnormal and then by the end, sort of, superhuman.”

Now, the first two lines probably made fans ‘collectively roll their eyes’ because it seems like every superhero movie is trying to be the gritty realistic version, vise vie, The Dark Knight. And while that is good, the question is can you make that work with the source material; in this case, they did tap Josh Trank, the writer and director of Chronicle, to work with the darker material, which is a step in the right direction. However, only time will tell if the darker material is suitable for The Fantastic Four reboot. At least Kinberg went on and gave the fans more information about the reboot than the overused ‘gritty realism’ description: “We are drawing some from ultimate. We’re sort of drawing from all over the place. But we were very inspired and I am a big fan of this area and there are story elements that people will see that resemble stuff from Ultimate.”

Like it or not, it seems that The Fantastic Four reboot is moving along to meet its June 19th, 2015 release date. What do you think about the potential crossover? Has Kinberg’s statements calmed the negativity about the reboot? Let us know in the comment section below! And please continue to tune in for updates!

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