Post-Apocalyptic Trailer for The Rover

David Michôd’s much anticipated follow-up to his fantastically underrated Animal Kingdom looks downright enticing. The movie follows Guy Pearce’s Eric as he tracks the gang who stole his car, but there is a twist: he is dragging along Rey (Robert Pattinson), a member of the gang who was wounded and left behind during the theft.

While I am not a huge Robert Pattinson fan, I like that he is trying to break free of his Twilight image and looks ‘sort of’ menacing as a gang member. On top of that, the criminally underrated Guy Pearce (he is as underrated as Sam Rockwell), looks perfect as the unhinged protagonist: his presence in the trailer always left me on edge. Now add the post-apocalyptic setting, which gives the trailer a haunting visual style, and you have the recipe for a bonafide classic: well at least a cult classic. The movie, in my opinion, looks too dark to have commercial appeal; but I hope it garners the same critical success as Animal Kingdom, which rightfully earned the wonderful Jacki Weaver her first Oscar nomination. Either way, you can check out this flick on June 13th: I will certainly be there opening night.

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