Casting Roundup: Dr. Doom

Fox reboot, Fantastic Four

After a long search, Fox has finally found their Dr. Doom for the Fantastic Four reboot; reports last month showed that there were four contenders for Fantastic Four’s greatest adversary. It was between On the Road‘s Sam Riley, Les Miserables‘ Eddie Redmayne, Dredd‘s Domhnall Gleeson, and RocknRolla‘s Toby Kebbell: and according to Variety, Fox’s choice is the criminally underrated Toby Kebbell. The actor is known mainly for supporting roles in big budget action affairs (Wrath of the Titans and Prince of Persia). But his stock has been on the rise with his casting in the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Duncan Jones’ Warcraft; however, I have been a fan of his since his wildly entertaining performance as a drug-addled singer in Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla.

However, even though I am a huge comic book fan, I do have to admit that the Fantastic Four was the one comic series that I was unable to get into. It never appealed to me and the recent big screen adaptations are laughably bad: the Silver Surfer sequel is so bad that I turned it off midway through. But I would be lying if I said, the reboot did not interest me; and it further grabbed my attention with the announcement of the cast. Miles Teller and Kata Mara will play the famous couple Richard Reed and Sue Storm ‘aka’ Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. Jamie Bell is Ben Grimm ‘aka’ The Thing and the fantastic Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm, who is better known as The Human Torch; a lot of fanboys have complained about the fact that Michael B. Jordan is black, but this is okay to me because I have no allegiance to the comics and a black actor should be able to play any major superhero. As long as the movie is good, the casting of Michael B. Jordan should not bother anyone; there is a difference between a miscast and people complaining about the race of an actor. In the future, if a black actor were cast as Batman (my favorite hero), it would not bother me because I will take a talented black Batman in a good movie over George Clooney in Batman & Robin.

Fantastic Four

From Left to Right: Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jaimie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan.

With that said, Toby Kebbell’s involvement with this franchise has me more excited to see this movie; while I do not think Josh Trank’s reboot will change my opinion of this superhero group, at the least, it still will be entertaining. And again, while I do not know a whole lot about Dr. Doom (besides him being the dictator of Latveria), it was important for the studio to cast someone who can give a performance with his eyes. For instance, though The Dark Knight Rises is an imperfect film, Tom Hardy was a superb choice for Bane because he gives a chilling performance despite being limited by an apparatus covering his face. And Dr. Doom’s mask will cause the same limiting problem to any actor who decided to take on the role; however, the imperfect RocknRolla is made watchable by the crazy performance of Kebbell. Yes, that movie will not win any awards, but Kebbell’s eyes alone displays the manic personality of his character and shows that he has the necessary range to perfect Victor von Doom. And while Julian McMahon, the original Dr. Doom, is talented in his own right, he never had the acting chops to pull it off.

Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four

Toby Kebbell as Dr. Doom

Again, this movie is not going to be Shakespeare, but the studios have been raising the quality of their superhero films by hiring better talent; and I believe that Toby Kebbell can give a truly chilling performance when being limited by the metallic mask of Dr. Doom. But the Internet fanboys have decided to bash this film, for reasons I do not truly comprehend: it has a talented cast and director. Whether it is Star Wars or comic book movies, fanboys will always have something to complain about; and when this movie comes out on June 19th, 2015, I hope the ‘angry trolls’ posing as fanboys will have to eat their words.

And for all those who do not know the full backstory of Victor von Doom here is a WatchMojo origins video that decently explains the super villain:

Source: Variety

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