An Indy Fanatic’s Thoughts on Indiana Jones Without Harrison Ford

When Disney acquired Indiana Jones with Star Wars, fans were wondering what they would do with the famous franchise. However, at the end of 2013 Disney’s chairman, Alan Horn, stated that it be at least 2 to 3 years before we see another entry. But since then, the fans have been wondering where does this leave Harrison Ford; he will be 72 this year and, if what Alan Horn said was correct, he would be in his mid to late 70s by the release of Indy 5. So either Disney has to quickly commit to Harrison Ford or decide to cut ties and go their separate ways.

Harrison Ford confirms return as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII

Well according to Latino-Review, Disney wants to work with Harrison Ford; however, if they cannot sign the actor in a reasonable time, they will have no qualms with recasting the role and rebooting the franchise. Now, being that Ford is rumored to be working on Star Wars and that he has expressed interest on doing Indy 5, it would be quite surprising that he would not sign on to reprise his iconic role. But according to these ‘supposed reports,’ Disney is still working on this contingency plan in the chance that they do not sign Ford: and this plan has the possibility of Bradley Cooper taking over as Indiana Jones. Again, these are unconfirmed reports, but Cooper is supposedly Disney’s number one choice and Frank Darabont has supposedly pitched the idea for the next installment. Darabont’s inclusion would be quite ironic because, in 2002, George Lucas rejected his script for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

As most of my readers know, I am a huge Indiana Jones fan: I was Dr. Jones for Halloween several times as a kid. And as everyone knows, Indiana Jones is synonymous with Harrison Ford; but would it be a big deal for Disney to move on? In this day and age, no it is not a big deal. Now, I truly wish that Harrison Ford gets one more shot at Indiana Jones because I do not want his version of the character to die with the horrible Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: thanks to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg the fourth entry in the series is a muddled mess, with zero redeemable qualities. With that said, I would be more upset by the fact that Harrison Ford did not get to redeem himself than the idea that he will eventually be replaced. Again, Ford is going to be 72 this year; as he continues to get older, Disney is eventually going to replace him. With reboots and remakes happening everyday, the idea that Indiana Jones will be recast is not a possibility, it is inevitable.

My hope for the character is that they do not try to remake any of the original three films; I hope that when they reboot the character they try to create new and creative exploits. That is the beauty of Indiana Jones being based on serial films; you can take that character and put him in any type of adventure. But it is important to keep the essence of the character alive; Lucas and Spielberg stated that the fourth entry was their attempt to do a sci-fi 60s B-movie. This did not work because they kept the 50s serial tone, while attempting to add B-movie aliens; in the end, the fans were left with a movie that did not feel like an Indiana Jones adventure. The fans did not wait almost two decades to see a different version of Indiana Jones: we wanted to see Indy, at an advanced age, kick butt in all of his cheesy serial glory.

So my advice, which is advice from a huge Indiana Jones fan, is that when you eventually reboot the iconic hero understand the essence of Indy and his previous movies (minus the fourth entry). Put Indiana Jones on his own unique adventure, which needs to be more thought out than damn aliens, but at the same time, understand the core of the character.  Also, it is extremely important to keep the charm of Indiana Jones, which relies on a mixture of practical effects with a small amount of CGI: please no Shia Labeouf swinging on vines. And last, do not create your version of ‘nuking the fridge:’ let that saying die with Indy 4.

Now it is probably time to wrap up this rant, but it is important to say that like Sean Connery being remembered as James Bond, Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones. Will I be upset if the next installment ditches the actor: probably, but I understood that this day was coming. I do want Ford to redeem himself after the fourth installment, but if he is not given the chance then I still have the original trilogy to cherish. As for the eventual reboot, I will see the movie as long as Lucas and Spielberg stay far away from it. Yes, they gave us the original trilogy, but if Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was any indication, it might be time for everyone to move on.

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