The People vs. George Lucas Review/Rant

The People vs. George Lucas (Not Rated, 93 minutes)

Is George Lucas solely to blame?

Is George Lucas solely to blame?

What is there to say about the ‘mighty’ George Lucas? It is hard to remain partial with this review because, like many fanboys, Lucas ruined my favorite childhood films. But at the same time, one cannot fully hate Lucas because his former self gave me said childhood films. Now, The People vs. George Lucas decides to take a deeper look at this love hate relationship.

What makes this documentary interesting is that it looks at both sides of the issue; yes, the interviewee’s hatred for Lucas overpowers the film, but that does not stop the director from pointing out the flaws in the fanboys’ logic. For instance, if fans are fed up with the re-cut Star Wars then why do they constantly buy the next box set; furthermore, why do the fans buy any of the prequel merchandise if the prequel trilogy was so bad? Perhaps George Lucas is not the same person he used to be, but the fans are the ones buying his crap and giving him the power to make what he wants. And in a way, one has to commend Lucas for making the films ‘he wants,’ even if those movies are crap.

Even though I know this is a good argument, it feels like the film went too easy on the famous writer and director. For instance, Indiana Jones was my childhood, but The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a misconceived failure on almost every level; the movie was a crash grab and it felt like the writer never watched Indiana Jones. Yes, a lot of the blame can be put on Spielberg; it was his idea that led to the famous ‘nuke the fridge’ phrase. However, it was Lucas, not Spielberg, who denied the Frank Darabont ‘Indy’ script: Spielberg supposedly called Darabont’s script phenomenal. It was also George Lucas and Jeff Nathanson’s story that led to David Koepp’s infamous Indy 4 script. One cannot deny that the hate for Lucas is his own fault; but as previously stated, he gets to make these mistakes because the fanboys give him the money to do so.

But the two-sided nature is commendable and, in the end, the proper way to make a documentary. However, my own aggression effects the way that I see this film; but at the same time, I do not buy into Lucas’s shtick anymore. I will not see another new film written or directed by the man (and yes, this includes an Indiana Jones film). The man is too stubborn to take constructive criticism and outside input; this is clearly shown by Indy 4 and him calling The Empire Strikes Back the worst Star Wars film (coincidentally the only one he did not write or direct). The man is a shell of his former creative self, but The People vs. George Lucas rightfully points out that we need to respect him for that former self; which brought so much joy to the cinema world.



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