Why Hasn’t True Detective Been Renewed?

Where is the renewal?

Where is the renewal?

Despite the Oscars drawing in 43.7 million viewers, True Detective attracted 1.1 million, which does not include the other HBO platforms. While this is not as high as the previous week’s 2.6 million, the numbers prove that True Detective should be picked up for another season.

However, HBO has been holding out on the renewal, which makes fans of the show extremely nervous. Now, prior to the release, show runner Nic Pizzolatto said that each season would be its own individual story. Therefore, the recent news that McConaughey will not be back for the next season does not come as a surprise nor equates to the cancellation of the show. Furthermore, it would not make any sense for HBO to cancel a show that was their most viewed premiere since 2010: with 2.3 million views. But even the premiere numbers have been improved upon with last Sunday’s 2.6 million; these numbers do not even include viewers from all HBO plays and platforms, which averages 10.9 million views.

It is just weird that HBO, a company who is known to give quick renewals to critically acclaimed shows, has not done so with True Detective; especially since Nic Pizzolatto has been teasing the gender of next season’s leads. True Detective gives HBO the opportunity to get big name stars who only have to commit for one season; and the ability to tell a one season contained story gives the writers the freedom do what they want with the characters and plot. Which in the end makes the show more exciting and interesting.

To be honest, it will most likely be renewed; however, in the small chance that it is not, there will be an uproar that HBO has not seen since the abrupt ending of Deadwood. For now, we will just have to wait and see; so what do you think about this? Please comment below.

Source: EW

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