Forget the Oscars! List of the 2014 Razzie Winners.

This past weekend, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation announces the winners of the Razzies. To those that do not know, the Razzies are the awards reserved for the worst films of the previous year. This announcement always seems to coincide with the Oscars because it is a fun commentary on the state of award shows and Hollywood. However, like 2014s Oscars the Razzies had zero surprises.

Worst Picture

Movie 43


This is the worst mainstream film to come out of 2013; it topped several notable critics’ worst lists, including yours truly.

Worst Actor

Jaden Smith- After Earth

After Earth

The worst actor Razzie should rightfully go to the most wooden performance of 2013.

Worst Actress

Tyler Perry- A Madea Christmas

Please stop

Please stop.

Yeah, this seems about right.

Worst Supporting Actress

Kim Kardashian- Tyler Perry’s Temptation

How is she famous?

How is she famous?

Yes, one could tell that she was god awful in the trailer, but giving her an award of any kind is giving her more exposure. Talk about a Catch-22.

Worst Supporting Actor

Will Smith- After Earth

You can only blame your ego.

You can only blame your ego.

A few years ago Will Smith looked unstoppable: not so much anymore. He probably should not have turned down Django Unchained.

Worst Director

All involved- Movie 43

Why Elizabeth Banks? Why?

Why Elizabeth Banks? Why?

I would have given it to Dennis Dugan for Grown Ups 2, but this is justifiable.

The Rest of the Awards

Worst Screen Combo- The Smiths After Earth

Worst Screenplay- Movie 43

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel- Lone Ranger

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