Marvel One Shot: All Hail the King Review

Marvel One Shot: All Hail the King (Not Rated, 14 minutes)


As many know, Marvel has been making short films that accompany their DVD releases; All Hail the King, which accompanies Thor: The Dark World, is the story of Trevor Slattery’s (Ben Kingsley) imprisonment. Trevor Slattery is the supposed villain of Iron Man 3; by now, many know his true identity is a drug addict actor and not the Mandarin.

Many people were upset by this representation of the Mandarin; while Iron Man does not have the best ‘rogues gallery,’ the Mandarin is considered his greatest foe. While I did not like the use of the Mandarin, I reward it for trying something different; however, Iron Man 3 has a lot more problems than this depiction. With that said, All Hail the King is marginally entertaining. While it does forward the Marvel universe and it is fun to see Trevor’s unique lifestyle in prison, this short was only made to appease the outraged fans. Is it worth buying Thor: The Dark World to see this; no, but it seems that Marvel fans will buy that DVD no matter what.



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