What to See 2/21/14

Here is a break down of each new release because with the ludicrous ticket prices one must choose wisely.

Wide Releases

Pompeii (Rated PG-13, 98 minutes)


Plot: A young slave (Kit Harington) attempts to save his love (Emily Browning) from a corrupt Senator, but is interrupted when Vesuvius erupts. Soon he faces a race against time to save her and escape before the city is engulfed.

Genre: First and foremost, this is a disaster film. But knowing the director and writer of Pompeii, this film will also contain copious amounts of action.

Director: Many do not know the name Paul W.S. Anderson, but I am certain that most have seen his films: Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator, Mortal Kombat, Death Race. Needless to say, he is the director of mindless action films; in fact, none of his films have ever gotten a positive average score on Rotten tomatoes and Metacritic.

Trailer: I talked about the trailer during my review of the Super Bowl trailers. This movie looks like your typical disaster affair, but with a gladiatorial twist. Does it sound like a cool idea? Yes, but the trailer was marred with poor CGI, which is a big deal in a disaster flick.

Metacritic Score: Based on twenty-one reviews the film averages a 41 out of 100. To be honest, I expected worse. If the score remains in the 40s, Pompeii will be one of the director’s highest rated films.

Should You See It: With movies like this, it is hard to recommend. But some people like ‘turning their brain off at the door’ and a movie like Pompeii is perfect for them. I am even thinking about seeing this one because it is mindless fun. Will it be good; perhaps, but in a ‘good bad-movie’ way.

3 Days to Kill (PG-13, 113 minutes)


Plot:  A Secret Service Agent with brain cancer moves to Paris to reconnect with his estranged daughter. While in Paris, he gets offered a cure if he completes one last assignment.

Genre: Of course this is an action film, but the commercials have shown elements of comedy when the protagonist is with his daughter. To put this in perspective, some of the critics have been calling this ‘True Lies-light.’

Director: The director is the infamous McG and yes, that is his chosen Hollywood name. People seem to really hate on the guy because he is arrogant and makes bad films. I tend to think he is okay, but I cannot deny that This Means War, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle are atrocious. But I tend to think Terminator Salvation and We Are Marshall get bad reputations because of the disdain for the director.

Cast: Oh Kevin Costner. How the mighty has fallen. The same man who used to get directors fired, is now resorting to material that is beneath him. He is joined on screen with Amber Heard as his sexy handler (is Amber Heard doomed to play eye candy for the rest of her career) and the awesome Hailee Steinfeld who needs to start choosing her projects more carefully.

Trailer: Again, I talked about this trailer in my Super Bowl review article; with that said, I hated the trailers for this film. Perhaps, this is just the nature of the film, but each trailer made it look like the generic PG-13 action fodder. What makes it worse is that the trailers’ humor was unfunny, which is bad when the film is an action comedy.

Metacritic score: Based on seventeen reviews the film garnered an average of 38 out of 100. Again, not surprised by this score because we are still in the studio dumping ground of January and February.

Should You See It: I have not seen this film so I cannot tell if it definitively good or bad, but the trailers for this looked terrible. Personally, I am going to avoid this film like it’s the plague. However, if one desperately likes Costner then give this film a try.

Prediction of Box Office Winner:

The Lego Movie 


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