Cleanflix Review

Cleanflix (Not Rated, 92 minutes)


The documentary follows video storeowners who edit PG-13 and R rated films for their Mormon customers. This editing process became extremely popular in the Utah area when Ray Lines, owner of Cleanflix, decided to remove the violence and language from The Matrix.

The beginning of the film criticizes the Mormon religion and also shows why they want these films sanitized; however, this opening is inadequate because of its brevity. The quick ninety-minute pace does not allow the documentary to fully elaborate certain point of views. As a result, the movie becomes uneven when it unintentionally tells a one sided story; ninety percent of the film is spent with the Mormon storeowners. This can also be seen when the documentary comments on the unethical nature of editing films; the interviews of directors are sprinkled throughout the film, but the minute clips are incomparable to the time spent with the Mormon businesses.

This uneven distribution of the movie left a bad taste; what makes this worse, is when the Mormon storeowners compare their fight against the DGA with ‘David and Goliath.’ With the amount of money Utah’s Mormon Church has, one assumes the Church would help businesses that share their ideals. It did not and that itself is a comment on the Mormon religion.



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