What to See This Weekend: 2/7/14

Film Class Junkies

I understand that people do not have the money to see newly released films. So I decided to break down each new release and hopefully this will help you choose the film that best suits your tastes. Warning, I have not seen any of these films yet; so I cannot attest to the quality.

Wide Releases

The LEGO movie (Rated PG, 100 minutes)


Genre: Obviously this is a children’s flick, but instead of solely being stop-motion or animation, it blends both styles. The movie seems to parody everything from pop culture to real people; I would not call it an exact parody but it contains the similar ‘off the wall’ elements.

Plot: An ordinary LEGO figure, Emmet (Chris Pratt), is mistaken for the Master Builder and must help the heroes of the world defeat Lord business (Will Ferrell) from gluing the universe together.

Director(s): This is the third film from…

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