Latest Casting Confirmations and Rumors: Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, and Alfred

eisenberg-alfred-irons-luthor-storyAfter talking about Channing Tatum being rumored as Gambit, I thought it would be necessary to talk about DC’s recent casting rumors and confirmations. After much speculation on who is going to play Lex Luthor, including several rumors it was Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston; Jesse Eisenberg has been casted.

Jesse Eisenberg is an actor who got his start on the independent scene, but more recently has starred in big profiled films like Zombieland, last year’s Now You See Me, and The Social Network (in which he was nominated for an Oscar). I know the running joke is how him and Michael Cera look alike, but I always thought Eisenberg was the better actor. Something about the smugness and arrogance he portrayed as Mark Zuckerberg perfectly embodied my vision of Lex Luthor. Yes, both of these characters represent a ‘cutthroat type,’ but they act this way because of their own feelings of inadequacies. For instance, Zuckerberg’s denial in fraternal societies drove him to make Facebook, while Luthor’s realization that he was not the perfect being made him strive for the downfall of Superman. This casting could be positive and negative: positive because viewers saw how good of a performance Eisenberg could give when he is with a great director. However, if Man of Steel is any indication of Batman vs. Superman, then performances will not be the first concern of the planned sequel.

The second confirmation was for the very important role of Alfred; they decided to cast Jeremy Irons. I am indifferent about this; nothing against Jeremy Irons, but I really loved Michael Caine in that role. Now, Irons has had a career comeback with The Borgias, but I do not know how much of a role Alfred will play in the next film: especially since DC plans to pack as many characters as possible into the sequel. This is a ‘wait and see’ for me; again, nothing against Irons, it just felt like they had a shortlist of British actors and Irons was the first to say yes.


Now, there has been a lot of speculation on who Dwayne `The Rock’ Johnson will be: Black Atom, Cyborg, or Lobo. His initial meeting with DC caused the internet to go into an upheaval; yet, when the partnership was officially announced in late December there was no indication who `The Rock’ will play.

But Variant just broke a story claiming that he will be John Stewart ‘aka’ Green Lantern. There evidence is a November 16th post on Instagram, where ‘The Rock’ posted a picture of him and his trainer with the caption, “#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss.” For the readers who do not like hastags, it states “John Stewart Can Still Whup Superman’s Ass.” So why is this three month old photo important? Well the picture was posted just a few weeks after his initial meeting with WB and DC.


This story in itself is just more speculation and rumor; however, this is the best piece of evidence so far. If this were true, my only gripe would be that they are using John Stewart over the real Hal Jordan. In ‘nerd talk,’ that means I am upset that they are using John Stewart, the fourth Green Lantern, over Hal Jordan, the second but arguably most popular Green Lantern. It also has been pointed out that people do not like the fact that ‘The Rock’ is playing a hero whose powers come from his mind; he is such a physical presence that they wanted him to play a more physical character. Which I can understand, but the more important aspect is the necessity to keep ‘The Rocks’ signature charm. His charm is why people love him, but in a movie that is overflowing with character, there is no guarantee that he would have a properly fleshed out one.

Either way, this source is unconfirmed and hopefully in a few days either the studio or ‘The Rock’ will comment. If it is true, what do you think about ‘The Rock’ being Green Lantern? Was it a good or bad casting choice? Please comment below!

Source: Joblo & Batman News

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