Reviewing the Super Bowl Movie Trailers

Well that was the worst Super Bowl I have ever seen. I have only held a Super Bowl party at my house twice: the first party was in 2003 when the Buccaneers destroyed the Raiders 48 to 21. Needless to say my house is a jinx and I will not be watching it here again. But that is not why you are here; lets talk about the movie trailers that premiered during the Super Bowl.

An important thing to point out is how short these trailers are; because of how expensive a thirty-second advertisement is, the trailer are not going to reveal much in plot. The goal of the trailers is to wow the viewer as quick as possible.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

6/10. I loved the opening with “America the Beautiful” in the background. Yes, it played during the entire thirty second trailer, but the opening shot of the shield with the song was unapologetically patriotic. The following quick cuts established the main players of the film, including a real look at Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson (The Falcon).

If I were to gripe about this trailer it would be the fact that I am not seeing anything that new. This movie has been getting advertised for months now and I am actually quite sick of the trailer; but that is not a slight against the movie, which I am actually excited for. Even with that said, there are a few new things in the Super Bowl spot. The audience was treated to a close up The Falcon flying and the Winter Soldier’s exposed face.

The Falcon flying, which could be briefly seen in the previous trailer, was actually pretty cool. The Russo brothers did a good job with the design of Falcon’s suit; they have toned it down from the flamboyant colors of the comic. Now the more interesting part of the trailer was the exposed face of the Winter Soldier. If the viewer reads the comics then they know whom the winter soldier is; but if Marvel wants to keep it a secret for those who do not know, then they should not have shown a close up of his face. Yes he has paint over his eyes, but that does not really hide anything. If one has seen the other Marvel films, he or she could easily figure out the Winter Soldier’s identity.

With that said, the trailer was extremely cool, but this is something that has been shown countless times.  This film has been advertised way too far in advance. I know Thor 2 came out in November, but this film just needs to come out already.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

3/10. It did what it was supposed to do: blow crap up. But even though this was the first trailer for the new Transformers reboot, it seemed oddly familiar. In fact, it felt like déjà vu. This is the same Transformers movie with the same director, who uses the same tired clichés. And this is coming from a person who actually liked Michael Bay’s last film, Pain and Gain.

Also him continuously teaming up with Ehren Kruger, the writer of the last two films, is not helping. This guy could not write a strong female character if his life depended on it. Here is a checklist for a female lead actress in a Transformers movie: can she scream and does she look pretty when she screams? Also have her run in slow motion and if she looks good then she is perfect.

The only positive thing about this film is Mark Wahlberg, but we only saw him briefly. For a trailer with so many explosions on screen, as well as, a robot dinosaur, it felt really bland and forgettable. I am not going to lie I probably will see this. But did the trailer make me excited at all? No.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

10/10. This trailer displayed everything a Spider-man fan could have ever wanted. The opening with Peter saving Gwen was heart pounding and weirdly eerie (if you read the comics you know what I am talking about). After, the trailer proceeded to give us our first glimpse of whom I can only assume is Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn. His voice sounded menacing, and in the background were the many weapons of the Sinister Six.

Then the quick cuts of all the villains made me the happiest person in America. The first shown was the Rhino. I always liked this realistic interpretation of The Rhino’s suit; but the only problem is that the suit prevents the audience from seeing Paul Giamatti’s face.

Electro looks downright scary and I cannot wait to see Foxx’s interpretation; and last is Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn who appears to be the Green Goblin. His outfit is the only one that looks unfortunately cheesy. This short trailer really incorporated the villains properly, giving them a quick cut introduction before diving into the action of the film.

As anyone could tell I loved this trailer; the action of the teaser dictated a much darker film, which worried me. But the last scene of the trailer helped me to rest easily; the sarcastic Spider-man will still be in this film.

Need for Speed

6/10. I know people will probably complain because nothing but cars was shown in the thirty second Super Bowl spot. But what were they supposed to do, explain a convoluted plot about a movie where the plot is not that important? What will the targeted audience see this movie for? The cars and what did the trailer highlight? Some really gorgeous cars that I am way too broke to buy.

The cast, including Aaron Paul, looks like they are having a blast with this film. And the tongue and cheek “do you got anything faster,” really worked with whom it was targeting. Was this a trailer for me? Not really, but I do have to say, it looked pretty damn cool.

The Monuments Men

5/10 This was basically a last push to get people’s asses into seats. We have seen it all already and I am a bit indifferent at this point. I did like how they used the original trailer song “Kiss the Sky,” by Shawn Lee and Nino Moschella, but it is redundant at this point.

I am going to see it, but I am nervous. I want to like this film but at the moment it is getting mediocre reviews. Also, the date push does not bode well for the quality of the film. With this said, the trailer fit its purpose: to regurgitate the mixed tone of the film. I cannot tell if this is going to mix comedy and drama correctly, but with the stellar cast I am hoping for the best.


6/10. The next movie is from the visually stunning director, Paul W.S. Anderson; I am just kidding but seriously how does he continuously make films? Most of his films are downright bad, but the director has a reputation of delivering films under budget and most of his films make its money back. So they keep giving him movies and now here we are with his new film’s thirty-second teaser.

The film looks entertaining because of Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington, but the CGI looked terribly dated. Did they even try to make the crowds in the stadium or the lava from the volcano look real? I do have to commend them on knowing their audience. What I mean is that the other trailers over played the romance of the film, while this one played up the action and gore.

As much as I do not want to see this movie succeed, it did the necessary things for a competent trailer. For a person who already holds animosity towards this film, I have to admit that this teaser was entertaining.  Everything was quite average except that god-awful CGI; one would think that in 2014 a big budget studio film could make adequate CGI. I guess I was wrong.

3 Days to Kill

2/10. I am sorry but was I the only one who thought this was a trailer for Taken 3. The bantering between Kevin Costner and his daughter’s boyfriend was funny: especially since he shamelessly highlights American football. But while listening to the Costner’s voiceover, I expected Liam Neeson to jump on the screen. But I guess he is too busy saving a plane, to be in this similarly themed film.

This trailer came off bland. But I do not blame the people who made the trailer; it is usually really hard to sell a bland film.

Draft Day

5/10. I am a sucker for sports films, but even I know that a movie about the NFL draft is an extremely hard sell. Football enthusiasts will only see this film and the trailer knows that. It competently highlighted the football aspects, but the trailer itself came off as bland and cheesy.

The trailer attempted to use quick cuts to build the suspense of a draft situation, but it failed because Costner felt wooden and uninterested. I know this is only a thirty-second trailer, but Costner looked like a rookie. His line delivery was off and it looked like he has copied Harrison Ford’s acting style of sleeping and mumbling. I am probably going to see this movie, but the trailer did nothing to highlight the strengths of the film.


9/10. Everything about this trailer was epic. The acting, background score, and visuals all scream ambitious storytelling. It may surprise people, but I actually am really excited for this film: a different, darker take of Noah’s Ark. And who better to take us on this journey then the always controversial Darren Aronofsky.

Recent articles have shed light on the contentious first cut of the film, which has Catholics mad and the studio nervous. But I do not care because my ticket was basically bought when the film was announced. The story of Noah’s Ark is a story that most people know, but the recent teasers have made the story feel unique and fresh.

This Super Bowl teaser just furthered my need to see this film: can it please be March 28th already?

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